Racine man accused of breaking into woman’s house, headbutting her, then stealing her phone and gun

RACINE — A Racine man has been accused of breaking into a woman’s home and assaulting her, and also stealing her phone and handgun.

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Rogers Jr

Bruce E. Rogers Jr., 34, of the 1500 block of Blaine Avenue, was charged with felony counts of burglary of a building or dwelling, intimidation of a victim and possession of a firearm by a felon and misdemeanor counts of battery and criminal damage to property.

According to a criminal complaint:

On Monday, an officer was flagged down by a woman who was crying and said Rogers had broken into her house, assaulted her then stole her phone and gun.

Officers then went to her residence to ensure it was safe before she elaborated further on what happened. She said she received a lot of calls from Rogers because he wanted to pick up some of his belongings and he was becoming an impatient with her. She then got a notification from her doorbell camera that he was outside. He then broke a window and texted her not to worry because he was already inside the residence.

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When she arrived home, she saw that he had already removed his TV from the residence and was headed back inside. He said he did not mean to break her window, but then headbutted her and held her to the ground. He grabbed her phone and said, “Ain’t nobody calling (expletive).” He then left with her phone as well as her handgun.

Shortly afterwards, officers were sent back to her residence due to Rogers arriving again. He was located in the basement and taken into custody.

He admitted to breaking the window but claimed it was an accident. He also admitted to headbutting the woman and taking her gun. He said he took it after she got it from her bedroom during their confrontation. The gun was later found in his vehicle.

Rogers was given a $5,000 cash bond in Racine County Circuit Court on Monday. A preliminary hearing is on Nov. 3 at the Racine County Law Enforcement Center, online court records show.

Mugshots: Racine County criminal complaints, Oct. 24, 2022

Today’s mugshots: Oct. 24

These are images of people charged with a crime in Racine County. Booking photos are provided by Racine County law enforcement officials. A defendant is presumed innocent unless proven guilty and convicted.

Bruce E Rogers Jr

Bruce Rogers Jr.

Bruce E Rogers Jr1500 block of Blaine Avenue, Racine, burglary of a building or dwelling, felony intimidation of a victim, possession of a firearm by a felon, misdemeanor battery, criminal damage to property.

Jason A. Sobbe

Jason A. SobbeWind Lake, Wisconsin, disorderly conduct (domestic abuse assessments), misdemeanor bail jumping (domestic abuse assessments).

Jeffrey A Stout

Jeffrey Stout

Jeffrey A Stout4800 block of Indian Hills Drive, Mount Pleasant, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence (7th, 8th or 9th offense, general alcohol concentration enhancer), possession of THC, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Tobias C Wright

Tobias Wright

Tobias C Wright1800 block of Franklin Street, Racine, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence (4th offense, general alcohol concentration), failure to install ignition interlock device.

Daniel B Barajas

Daniel Barajas

Daniel B Barajas1400 block of Blake Avenue, Racine, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of THC, carrying a concealed knife.

Sean C McCloskey

Sean McCloskey

Sean C McCloskey1200 block of Harmony Drive, Racine, misdemeanor battery (domestic abuse assessments), disorderly conduct (domestic abuse assessments), felony bail jumping.

Anthony R Blashka

Anthony Blashka

Anthony R Blashka1200 block of Reeds Court, Racine, armed robbery, burglary (person lawfully present in the enclosure, use of a dangerous weapon).

Randy E Clayton Jr

Randy Clayton Jr.

Randy E Clayton Jr1500 block of Melvin Avenue, Racine, burglary of a building or dwelling (domestic abuse assessments, felony domestic abuse repeater), criminal damage to property (domestic abuses, felony domestic abuse assessment repeater), misdemeanor theft (domestic abuse assessments, felony domestic abuse repeater), misdemeanor bail jumping (domestic abuse assessments).

Zemaj K Crawford

Zemaj Crawford

Zemaj K CrawfordOak Lawn, Illinois, possession of THC, unauthorized use of an entity’s identifying information or documents, felony personal ID theft (financial gain).

Kendell Arvern Days

Kendell Days

Kendell Arvern Days1300 block of South Memorial Drive, Racine, possession with intent to deliver narcotics, possession of THC.

Adrina M Dennis

Adrina M DennisMilwaukee, Wisconsin, carrying a concealed weapon.

Gregory A Hill

Gregory Hill

Gregory A Hill2200 block of Lawn Street, Racine, misdemeanor battery (domestic abuse assessments), disorderly conduct (domestic abuse assessments).

Antoine C Johnson

Antoine Johnson

Antoine C Johnson1800 block of Roe Avenue, Racine, misdemeanor battery, disorderly conduct.

Darren L Moody

Darren Moody

Darren L MoodyMilwaukee, Wisconsin, possession of a controlled substance.

Satuan S. Nash

Satan Nash

Satuan S. Nash900 block of High Street, Racine, misdemeanor battery (domestic abuse assessments), criminal damage to property (domestic abuse assessments), disorderly conduct (domestic abuse assessments).

LaVelle S. Robinson

LaVelle (aka Kevin Shontae Pitt) S. Robinson500 block of Sixth Street, Racine, possession of drug paraphernalia.

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