3 Sheeps Brewing Company hosts fundraiser for Above & Beyond Children’s Museum | WFRV Local 5

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. (WFRV) – 3 Sheeps Brewing Company hosted a fundraiser for Sheboygan’s Above and Beyond Children’s Museum. Parents attending the fundraiser say their kids cannot wait for the museum to reopen.

“You know I think above and beyond children’s museum is a wonderful spot and our kids love going there I think it’s a great resource for the community,” said Sheboygan parent Kyle McMann.

The museum closed indefinitely last December due to damage from bursting water pipes. Founder of 3 Sheep Brewing Company Grant Pauley says the museum’s closure affected the entire community.

“When it happened it kind of hurt all of us, it was devastating. So, we just wanted to see what we could do, we reached out to the children’s museum, and they latched on right away and decided let’s just see if we could have a takeover in the taproom,” Pauley stated.

A recent inspection shows the estimated damage is worth more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The museum says collecting donations will help reopen its doors.

“Fundraising is going to help us get through this crisis we have our insurance claim helping on that end, but the fundraising side of it is going to make sure that we can put in the necessary repairs that have to happen before we can open up to the public,” explained Jackie Erdman executive director Above & Beyond Children’s Museum.

The museum hopes to reopen in February and is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Click here for more information on donating to the museum.

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