Appleton extends mask requirement until February 17th | WFRV local 5

APPLETON, Wisconsin (WFRV) – The Appleton School Board decided to extend its mask requirement through February 17 in a six-for-one vote in light of this recent surge in Covid.

James Bacon, Appleton School Board Member, said: “The overwhelming majority of our constituents urge us to continue, which also appears to be the sensible choice, to ensure unified education and the safety, wellbeing and education of our employees. Student and community. “

The masking debate has brought up parents on both sides of the issue, with some saying it should be their choice if their child goes to school wearing a mask, and others believe that universal masking is necessary.

Andrea Klitzke, an Appleton parent against required masking, said, “I’ve accepted the fact that if you don’t undo the masking, you probably never will … given the surge in mental health, I just can’t say that it would be worth it. “for our children.”

An Appleton mom said she wanted masks to stay because the masking allowed students to stay personal.

Rachel Van Handel, an Appleton parent on universal masking, said, “Right now, with this new variant so much more contagious, I just think it’s silly to take away the only mitigation strategy that allowed kids to be in school to stay.”

School authorities say they will use the latest Covid numbers before reconsidering masking requirements on Feb.17.

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