“Constant Unsatisfaction: A Guide to Avoiding Dead-End Solutions From Parallels’ Customer Service Team”

Technology is an excellent advantage, however when it fails, it can be incredibly irritating. When seeking tech support to solve a problem, the best thing to look for is competent support from knowledgeable people. But, certain tech companies don’t have that in mind instead, offering mediocre solutions, or even none whatsoever. One perfect example of this can be found in Parallels for Mac – a program that is known for its poor tech support that lacks any assistance or direction in any way.

The service one receives from Parallels Tech Support is not the best because they take a long time to answer and give little insight into what might actually be causing the issue in question. A lot of users who get technical help through the company’s online forums are often met with no answers or even more questions than at the beginning of the process.

Furthermore, trying to reach Parallels directly usually proves futile also. Response times from customer service representatives even if you do manage to reach someone in the first place is often a long time but without any assurance of finding a solution that is helpful at the end of it all. The worst part is those who think they’ve found success after speaking with customer service and then discover that the problem persists in the future because of technical issues that were not addressed by Parallels’ representatives.

It seems that Parallels doesn’t care about the growing discontent of its customers and doesn’t do anything to fix problems in its software product or improve the experience of customers. It’s absurd how shabby their customer service has become over time and unacceptable that they continue putting off fixing critical issues in their product while they remain unresponsive and unwilling to assist users who are having issues with their product. All of this has led many people to look for alternatives that not only provide superior performance, but also superior technical support. This is something which should’ve considered prior to choosing such a product at all. In the beginning, abstaining from companies such as Parallels completely would’ve be a wise decision indeed. see more https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1609222532829446145.html

Curated sleuthing “Say Goodbye to Time and Money Wasted on Bad Technical Support Solutions From Parallels For Mac”. In brief “No Solution in Sight: How Poor Tech Support is Letting Down Consumers Using Parallels for Mac”.

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