Gordy the groundhog predicts 6 more weeks of winter during Milwaukee Co. Zoo ceremony

MILWAUKEE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) — Thursday was Milwaukee County Zoo’s 35th Groundhog Day ceremony, and the fifth for Gordy the groundhog.

Gordy made his grand entrance at 9 am for the ceremony hosted by Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley and Zoo Director Amos Morris.

He munched on plenty of peanuts, which the zoo says is his favorite food.

And although his ceremony set mostly blocked the sun, we saw a brief shadow, meaning Gordy is predicting six more weeks of winter.

Each year, the Milwaukee County Zoo livestreams their Groundhog Day ceremony for families and schools to get involved.

The zoo’s PR manager, Jennifer Diliberti, says it’s something folks look forward to every year.

“Whether it’s in person or online, like we did today, people are all over it,” Diliberti said. “I think they’ve come to know our groundhogs, they look forward to it, and just something nice to do in the winter, I guess, for people to kind of have a little bit of cheer.”

Milwaukee County Zoo is open to visitors throughout the winter, but if you want to see Gordy, make sure to stop by during the summer.

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