Green Bay teachers ready for first day of school

ALLOUEZ, Wis. — Anne Harswick said she is ready for her new students to take over her classroom.

Harswick teaches kindergarten at Doty Elementary in Allouez, Wis. She said there’s nothing better than teaching that grade level.

“This is the best job ever,” Harswick said. “You get to teach students to love learning and to see the excitement on their face as they learn things. The excitement in kindergarten is beyond belief.”

She said a lot of work goes into getting her room set with supplies, books and all the things needed to start the year off great.

“If I’m set and prepared, it makes the day go so much easier with little ones who are a little bit nervous, excited, anxious and sometimes missing Mom and Dad,” Harswick said.

This year marks a return to “normal”: For the first during the pandemic, masks will not be required to start the year.

“It is such a relief that the kids can see the expressions on my face especially as I’m reading books and making the books come alive as I read the stories and seeing their sweet little faces as they smile and as they get those ‘ah ha’ moments as they learned knew things,” she said.

Harswick has taught kindergarten for 28 years. She said it never gets old.

“Every year is different. Some projects or different lessons may carry over from year to year but it is constantly changing,” she said.

While the start of the school is exciting for her, she said she understands the nerves students and parents feel when it comes to their little one’s first day of school.

“Your child’s kindergarten teacher has this. They will love your child and treat them as their own and you can just feel a relief. I know you will miss them, your little darlings, but we will send them back even more educated, happier, and joyful about learning,” Harswick said.

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