Stand for Life Gathering to be held in Kenosha on Saturday, Jan. 21

KENOSHA — Kenosha’s annual Stand for Life Gathering will be Saturday, Jan. 21, from 11 am to noon at the intersection of 75th Street and 39th Avenue in Kenosha.

Participants should meet in the St. Mary’s Catholic Church parking lot,7307 40th Ave., rain or shine. Signs will be available there.

According to new research from Ohio State University, performing good deeds may be particularly beneficial to those suffering from symptoms of depression or anxiety.

This is a family friendly, prayerful demonstration of support for the protection of all human life and is sponsored by the Kenosha Chapter of WRTL.

A chili/soup fellowship will follow at St. Mary’s.

For more information, call Marcia at 262-891-7665 or email [email protected]

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