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New community forum & speaker series set to begin in February

Green Bay, WI — UW-Green Bay is offering a community forum and speaker series to address the ethical questions presented within business on a daily basis. The #ethicsatwork monthly speaker series begins next week.

Facilitating progress, change and digital transformation in Northeast Wisconsin creates questions. Is the sole social responsibility of business the mere maximization of profit? Is it wrong for firms to mandate vaccines or masks? What are the risks of artificial intelligence and machine learning?

UW-Green Bay’s new #ethicsatwork is a community forum in which ethicists, executives, professionals and community members meet to discuss important and relevant topics at the intersection of business and ethics.

Virtual discussions are planned for February, March and April and delve into topical considerations, such as:

  • Let the market decide? On the Intersection of Ethics and the Free Market – On Thursday, February 9, 2023, 5-6 pm Alexander Bozzo, Ph.D., Assistant Teaching Professor Philosophy, UW-Green Bay, will lead a discussion about the free market model. But how plausible is the model in today’s world?
  • Towards a Political Philosophy of Content Moderation – On Thursday, March 9, 2023, 5-6 pm Étienne Brown, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Philosophy, San José State University, will facilitate a conversation that will focuses on the difficult question of determining how content moderation can be reconciled with freedom and self-government.
  • Must We Degrade? Human Dignity and the American Prison – On Thursday, April 13, 2023, 4-5 pmDerek Jeffreys, Ph.D., Professor Humanities & Religion, UW-Green Bay, will moderate a conversation that explores the ethical justification of treating incarcerated individuals in often brutal and harsh conditions.

Executives, professionals and community members are invited to attend the discussion. There is a nominal fee to attend. Learn more on the website.

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