UW-Green Bay hosts ‘Global Game Jams’ theme reveal, largest event in state – Inside UW-Green Bay News

Annual event challenges veteran and amateur game developers to create games in 48 hours

It’s official. Green Bay is host to the largest “Global Game Jam” event in the state, and in the Top 10 in the nation. Global Game Jam (GGJ) is an annual, international event at which developers and enthusiasts of all skill levels collaborate to make original games over a 48-hour period. The announcement of this year’s theme will take place at the Christie Theater at the UW-Green Bay Student Union on Monday, January 30, at 5:30 pm. Starting with guest speakers from the likes of Roar Studios Inc. and Lost Boys Interactive, participants will then have the week to brainstorm their game ideas before the Jam officially begins on the following Friday.

Then, beginning on Friday, February 3, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. CST, participants across the globe will work on digital and tabletop games based on a theme.

Organizing his fifth GGJ site, Roar Studios gameplay engineer Dr. Ben Geisler brings veteran game developer experience and creative edge to each event. “I work with a team of game developers of all disciplines: art, programming, audio, design, writing,” he states. “So much of what we do is captured in these game jams. It’s here that we learn how to work with people outside our comfort zone and how to bring our unique skills to the table.”

This year, the Global Game Jam is once again being sponsored and held at the urban hub, a coworking and programming space for creative entrepreneurs. Urban Hub’s Community Manager Lamarr Banks is thrilled to be a part of this year’s Global Game Jam and remarks on the impact it has on the Greater Green Bay Chamber: “The Urban Hub supports the Chamber’s overarching goals by bringing people together in the community to share ideas. Global Game Jam does the same with a focus on game development. New friendships and opportunities within the community are the byproducts of brainstorming new ideas. Both, The Urban Hub and Global Game Jam have the same goals.”

Another sponsor of this year’s Global Game Jam is UW-Green Bay’s Center for Games and Interactive Media (CGIM). Co-directors Dr. Chris Williams, Dr. Juli Case, and Dr. Bryan Carr are thrilled to be sponsoring a gaming event focused on collaboration and creative expression. CGIM prides itself on their initiatives for community involvement with games and interactable, creative endeavors in which the Global Game Jam promotes and encourages each year.

After being one of the largest GGJ sites in the state in 2022, organizers are expecting an even larger turnout in 2023. “I can’t speak enough for how crucial it is to attend game jams,” says Dr. Geisler. “It’s here that we learn how to work with people outside our comfort zone and how to bring our unique skills to the table. The fact we have this opportunity in little Green Bay is amazing.”

To speak with one of the GGJ Green Bay site organizers, please contact Ben Geisler at [email protected] or Kristopher Purzycki at [email protected].

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