August primary election results: Vos declares victory over Steen, county follows state in other races

UPDATE 10:20pm: Robin Vos, (R-Rochester) has declared victory for the 63rd Assembly District seat despite a 260 vote difference between him and his opponent Adam Steen.

ORIGINAL STORY ON PRIMARY ELECTION: Votes in the 63rd Assembly District haven’t been totaled yet, but the Racine County Clerk’s office at 8:45 pm posted unofficial totals indicating Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) was leading his opponent Adam Steen by 283 votes with 25% of precincts reporting .

Vos is the longest-serving speaker—since 2013—and has been in Madison since 2004.

Racine County residents voted in this primary election much like the rest of the state in primaries for governor, lieutenant governor, senator, and attorney general.

Results posted by WTMJ4 News show that Republican businessman Tim Michels will most likely face Democratic Gov. Tony Evers in November. With 60% of all precincts reporting, Michels leads former Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch 215,397 to 201,526.

Current Democratic Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes will square off against incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson in a race that has nationwide implications given the precarious balance between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate chamber.

For county residents voting Democrat, Barnes was well ahead of the next top vote-getter, Alex Lasry, who dropped out of the race two weeks ago, a story from WTMJ notes.

Racine County voters casting ballots for Republicans also went with Michels over Kleefisch, 9,506 to 8,630.

Here’s the list of probable winners of the August 2022 primary election as of 9:40 pm Statewide races that haven’t been called yet list the leading candidates and current vote totals. Racine County Eye will update results as we get them.

Primary election probable results


(D) Tony Evers

(R) Tim Michels

Lt. governors

(D) Sara Rodriguez

(R)Roger Roth

Attorney General

(D) Josh Kaul

(R) Eric Toney and Adam Jarchow have 6,000 votes separating them with 50% of precincts reporting.

Secretary of State

(D) Doug LaFollette

(R) Amy Loudenbeck


(D) Gillian Battino is leading Aaron Richardson, 99, 347 to 94,743 with 52% of precincts reporting.

(R) John Leiber

State Senate District 21

(R) Van Wanggaard will run unopposed after coming out ahead of Jay Stone, 10,774 to 3,977.

Assembly District 63

(R) Adam Steen is leading Robin Vos, 791 to 768, with 25% of precincts reporting.

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