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LISBON — Columbiana County Commissioner Tim Weigle reported he recently met with officials from Vogel Holding Inc. on their proposal to locate a transfer station and solid waste landfill in Madison Township at the site of the former Rosebud Mining Company off of state Route 45.

Weigle said the operation will be under the name West Point Renewables, a subsidiary of Vogel Holding Inc., which according to a fact sheet for the permit application had already been operating a legitimate recycling facility at the site starting in 2022.

According to Weigle, he was told plans to call for recycling the fly ash on the land for use in cement mix. West Point Renewables is working through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to secure permits to install a dual composite liner system for the proposed solid waste landfill, he said.

The fact sheet noted the site consists of 988 acres purchased in October 2019 from Rosebud Mining Company. For the proposed transfer station, the fact sheet said the transfer of all waste will occur indoors and the proposed hours of operations are 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company’s existing hauling operation has already transferred to the location with 39 employees.

As for the solid waste landfill, plans call for the facility to accept non-hazardous residential, commercial and industrial waste. The proposed limit of waste is 54.9 acres with a capacity of 10,752,000 cubic yards. The fact sheet said the authorized maximum daily waste receipt requested for the site is 4,000 tons and the anticipated daily waste receipt is 1,500 tons.

“As part of our application, and as part of our on-going commitment to the protection of the environment, the Vogel family has proposed a double-liner system including leak detection that significantly exceeds the Ohio EPA requirements for environmental protection,” the fact sheet said.

Plans also call for the landfill gas to be captured and converted into pipeline-quality natural gas which can be injected into a pipeline or liquefied and used to fuel vehicles. The operation is expected to create 10 jobs and contribute to the local economy.

The proposed landfill and the transfer station will be located on the portion of the property north of state Route 45, buffered by existing forested areas. Additional permits for air and stormwater discharge have been filed with OEPA and a public applicants meeting on the transfer station and the landfill is expected sometime in November.

According to the timeline on the fact sheet, the final permit for the transfer station is expected to be approved late this year, with a public hearing/public information meeting to be scheduled sometime in 2023 regarding the landfill, with the final permit for the landfill expected to be issued in late 2023.

Weigle said the representatives of Vogel Holding Inc. told him they’ll be making a presentation at a future meeting of the Madison Township Board of Trustees.

The next meeting of the trustees is scheduled for 6 pm Tuesday.

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