Fight the Right: We Need a Revolutionary Program – Isthmus

press release: The International Marxist Tendency – Madison Branch talk. Room 1217.

The rise of right wing politics, reactionary movements and fascist-friendly support in society is a threat to oppressed communities, working class organizations and the very fate of humanity. But, how to fight these ideas and remove support for them? It is not a coincidence that once the post-WWII boom ended in the 1970s, the youth and working class in this country and around the globe went onto the streets demanding nothing less than a better society for all. The capitalist class felt cornered and under Siege from one social movement to the next, and went on the offensive with a program of lies, divisiveness, and the worst reactionary ideas to stop the advance of revolutionary ideas. Today, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are in charge of keeping the agenda of pro-business while resisting progress. Millions are facing an endless decline in living conditions, and see in the rhetoric of right-wing populists an escape from the business-as-usual of the traditional capitalist parties. Only a revolutionary program can solve the urgent problems like healthcare, oppression, and climate change. It can effectively counteract the capitalist propaganda of hate, division, and reaction. We must build it ourselves based on the forces of the working class and oppressed communities. Join us in a discussion on how we can defeat the right with revolutionary ideas!

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