Freddy Moyano, Green Bay actor, shares what it’s like to use a prop gun on set

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) – Freddy Moyano is a Green Bay-based actor, voice actor, producer, and filmmaker.

After filming a film set last Thursday that featured actor Alec Baldwin who accidentally fired a prop gun that killed the film’s cameraman and injured the film’s director, Moyano shares his view on the incident.

Cedar Attanasio / AP

Security guards stand at the entrance to a movie set in which police say actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun and killed a cameraman on Friday, October 22, 2021, can be seen outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico for the Background used in westerns including “Rust,” the film Baldwin was working on when the prop gun was unloaded. (AP Photo / Cedar Attanasio)

Moyano recently made a western film called Aqua Brava in Spain. Click here to learn more about this film.

Aqua Brava

Aqua Brava

During this film, Moyano shares that he used the same prop gun that Baldwin used on his set.

Below is a slow motion video from the film Moyano made in Spain. He explains that this clip has a real sound coming from the prop gun when blanks are fired.

A blank is a firearm cartridge that, like any normal shot, produces muzzle flash and an explosive sound.

They are designed to create a visual explosion as well as a sound explosion when fired.

Freddy Moyano

Moyano also says that as an actor, he doesn’t have any seashells with him. Instead, they are on set with the Prop Gun professionals.

In the movie he made this summer, Moyano says the other actor on the scene, Manuel Olaya, is also an expert on gun accessories and inspects and cleans barrels every time a scene happens. He owns all prop equipment, including the cloakroom.

Moyano says the blanks for his own movie scenes were provided by the studios in Spain where his film was shot.

He explains that they are certified as they do a lot of filming and live western shows on location.

Freddy Moyano

To learn more about Green Bay-based actor Freddy Moyano and his award-winning work, click here.

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