Graduation day for Green Bay Metro Fire Department

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Friday was Fire Academy graduation day at the Green Bay Metro Fire Department.

The newest class of more than a dozen firefighters celebrated the end of their training by showing family and friends some of the skills they’ve learned. They call it “hitting the floor,” simulating a wide range of fires and real-life scenarios to get ready for what they’ll encounter on the job.

During the 10-week academy, recruits experienced structure fire response, putting out fires and EMS patient care. The recruits will now be integrated throughout the department.

The department’s interim training captain says he’s happy to see all the recruits now confident in their capabilities.

“I’m pretty excited for you. I got to see them grow from the first day of being there, meeting everyone and the fear and nervousness that kind of comes with starting that to now seeing where they’ve come. They’ve sharpened their skills, they’re ready to get out and start serving the community. It’s been a great experience.”

Even the recruits who were firefighters for years in other departments say they learned a lot this spring.

“Every time you run a scenario, you learn something new, and every department’s going to be a little different the way that they do things. So, it’s a big learning curve for me to come in and see how Green Bay does it the way they do it,” recruit Max White said. “And I can speak for all 13 of us, every day was a learning experience. You learn every time, even when you hit the floor and start doing the real-life scenarios you learn something on every call, whether it’s an EMS call, fire call, anything.”

One more meaningful piece of this for White: He said he’s wanted to be a Green Bay firefighter since he graduated school in 2010 to give back to the community where he grew up.

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