Kenosha County Finance Committee to hold budget hearings beginning Monday

The Kenosha County Finance Committee will hold hearings on the proposed 2023 budget beginning Monday.

All meetings will be held in the second floor Committee Conference Room, at the Kenosha County Administration Building, 1010 56th St. The meetings are open to the public.

The committee meetings will begin at 6 pm and will continue through Thursday. The committee will review each of the county’s department and division budgets including, but not limited to, the major areas of law enforcement, public works and human services, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

Quorums of other County Board committees may be present during the budget hearings. Individual budget presentation times can be found by clicking on the embedded pdf or by visiting https://www.kenoshacounty.org/AgendaCenter/FinanceAdministration-Committee-21. Meeting times are approximate, according to county officials. As one hearing is completed, the next scheduled hearing will begin immediately.

On Thursday, the committee will hear and vote on any remaining budget items, bonding resolutions and finalize the budget.

As proposed earlier this month by County Executive Samantha Kerkman, the budget comes with a tax levy increase of 1.86% rising by $1,353,956 million to $74,094,863 million for 2023.The corresponding tax rate is expected to drop by 56 cents from $4.18 this year to $3.62 per $1,000 of equalized property value next year. That means the owner of a median value home, $271,000 (up from $238,549 this year) would expect to pay $981.51 in taxes for next year, a decrease. By comparison, in 2022, a home owner paid $997.01 in taxes to the county. The total budget for the county is expected to decrease from $27,573,422 to $275,042,503, a drop of about 9.11%. The figures are subject to change depending on the outcome of the budget hearings.

A public hearing on the budget is expected to be held Nov. 1 before the County Board functioning as a committee of the whole. The budget will then be voted on by the full board on Nov. 2.

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