Love your home, love your castle with Racine Home Builders

MOUNT PLEASANT — Spring brings change. From snow to flowers and parkas to sundresses, it is a time of renovation for both you and your home.

Why stop at just spring cleaning?

The spring is also a great time to finish some projects around the house. Maybe you want to do a little more than clearing out the basement this year. Maybe it’s time you did something about those kitchen cabinets, or you are finally ready for that new addition to your home. That’s where Racine Home Builders come in.

Henry Grady, right, and Sanders Ruffin, one of Grady’s workers, look over some wooden posts.

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Henry Grady, owner of Racine Home Builders, 4900 Spring St., Suite 104, believes that the smarter the materials that go into your home are, the longer they will last. That’s why he uses materials like fiberglass rebar to hold concrete. Not only does it prevent rusting, but the fiberglass rebar is seven times stronger than steel.

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A Grady product stands by is insulated concrete forms, or ICFs, which are a stackable and energy-efficient building material that is used to construct inner walls. ICF constructions are also resistant to molding and greatly reduce construction times, with many more benefits to both consumers and contractors alike.

ICFs are also so durable that, once filled with concrete, they can stop a 50-caliber bullet. Grady gets his ICFs supplied by Crown ICF, a company he found very fitting with the aesthetic he is going with; he calls finding them “cosmic.”

According to Crown ICF, $1 is donated from every block sold to Compass Ministries, which helps build homes in Honduras, Haiti and South Africa.

Henry Grady

Henry Grady selects the right piece.

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Grady first got into home remodeling during his time as a real estate agent. He would be asked by clients who were selling their homes or looking into remodeling new ones where they should go to get the work done. He works with excellent companies like Brewer Contracting, Sondergaard Electric, Current Electric, Building Waters Plumbing, John Connor Plumber, J & E Heating and Cooling, Rivas Roofing and Reyes Construction.

Eventually, Grady teamed up with his current business partner, Preston Clay Fawcett.

Fawcett is an architect with over 40 years of experience, working on many large and custom homes in the Chicago and southeast Wisconsin areas.

Grady was originally going to handle just sales and marketing. Eventually, he decided to hire some workers of his own. Now, Racine Home Builders is a team of seven.

Henry Grady

Henry Grady stands with an insulated concrete form, or ICF block. ICF blocks are a stackable, strong and energy-efficient building material that is used to construct inner walls.

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Crown ICF also was a great influence on Grady’s team. Both Racine Home Builders and Crown ICF being faith-based organizations, he called their time together a “big basket of kumbaya.”

The crew at Racine Home Builders are either experts in their fields, true masters of carpentry and concrete building, or ready and willing to learn and improve their skills, which is just as important to Grady. He wanted to have a crew that can build upon the skills they already know with their time on the job site.

“Now they know how to build a house,” Grady said. “Like, from the ground up, they know how to build a house.”

Grady has an eye for innovation. He wants to build things out of the ordinary, which is part of the reason why he lives in a castle. When Grady was looking to add additions to his home, he was given the choice of two additional bedrooms or a castle; he decided to go with the latter. There’s a little bit of medieval inspiration in everything he works on.

“The things I want to focus on are things that are interesting like that,” Grady said. “I really want to have a castle motif of some kind on everything we build outright. Any kind of big additions I want have that kind of feel to it because I think that’s just cool, I think that’s just fun.”

Grady isn’t interested in competing with other construction companies that create conventional structures or use standard materials.

“There’s a lot of people doing that and they do a great job,” Grady said. “I want to do cool stuff.”

These choices are not only for aesthetics but also help with Functionality and Longevity

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