Madison sets its sidewalk shoveling deadline

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Madison residents with sidewalks in front of their homes will need to have them shoveled by noon on Saturday. The city’s noontime requirement that sidewalks are cleared has not been triggered this week because of snowy weather over the past three days.

Building Inspection and Code Enforcement Director Matt Tucker highlighted that, even if a sidewalk had been cleared, plows might block off the sidewalk again as they work. He also noted property owners need to clear any ice and offered some tips if they are unable to do so.

Pointing out that ice can be more dangerous than snow, Tucker explained sand or other substances can be used on the ice to help prevent people from slipping. He offered a link to several locations that provide sand to use on sidewalks.

The city’s statement added a few tips for helping keep the sidewalks clear, including the sooner a property owner starts the easier it is to keep the sidewalk from icing over. Anyone who leaves town should also make arrangements for the sidewalk to be cleared while they are away. The city also asks shovelers to look out for and help people who cannot do it themselves.

Property owners who do not have their sidewalks cleared by the deadline could be subject to a fine. On top of that, if the city deploys crews to shovel a sidewalk, the property owner will be billed and, if they don’t pay that bill, the amount will be tacked onto their property taxes.

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