Milwaukee weather bitter cold temps, snowfall just before holiday

The US National Weather Service said it’s too early to talk about snowfall totals later this week, but don’t expect a tender and mild journey into the holiday weekend.

A mid-to-late week system will bring accumulating snow to southeastern Wisconsin as early as Wednesday night, but it’s a system that brings a “high degree of uncertainty in how the system evolves across the region and how much snow we see.”

The NWS is calling for a bitterly cold arctic air mass that will arrive Friday and into the weekend, with wind chills near negative-15 degrees. Temperatures could already get as low as negative-3 degrees Thursday with gusting winds of 25-30 miles per hour.

As WISN meteorologist Mark Baden put it Sunday in a tweet, “Confidence is increasing that we will be dealing with a pretty nasty snowstorm on Thursday and Friday. It’s too soon to throw out numbers but this will likely disrupt travel with snow and wind. Stay tuned.”

Milwaukee weather radar

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