MTA Admits Spelling Georgia O’Keeffe’s Name Wrong in Quote at Grand Central Madison – NBC New York

We’ve all made spelling mistakes and had typos before, but fortunately our mistakes aren’t etched in stone.

The MTA can’t say the same.

At the new, $11 billion Grand Central Madison terminal that open just last week, a spelling mistake was made on the wall. A quote carved into a stone wall of the station has the last name of American artist Georgia O’Keeffe spelled wrong.

The etching forgot one of the F’s in O’Keeffe’s last name. But the MTA is now aware of the mistake, and provided that extra F in its response to the mishap.

“We clearly F-ed this one up and it’s being fixed,” said MTA Communications Director Tim Minton.

The agency took responsibility for the error, and said it will be addressing it, but did not say when the correction would be made.

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