New nonprofit gives Green Bay kids opportunities in sports | WFRV Local 5

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)-Great athletes can come from anywhere and sometimes all it takes is the right opportunities.

That’s what Kyle Cropsey was thinking when he started his nonprofit Rise Up Athletics. It aims to provide training equipment and opportunities to play competitive organized sports to kids before they attend high school.

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Cropsey gears the program towards kids who will attend Green Bay East High School since that’s where he attended high school. He said some of the sports programs at the high school have been down for a while and he wants to change that by helping the kids train in their sport before high school.

“The more sports they play when they’re younger it’s going to help them become better athletes and they know the game and we don’t have to teach them the basics at a later age,” said Cropsey.

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Rise Up Athletics offers kids opportunities in football, basketball, and baseball and a web of volunteer coaches helps to make all the programs possible.

“I get emotional talking about it because to see them turn into young men and women and I’m talking productive young men and women,” said Daniel Peaches who is a volunteer football coach.

To donate to Rise Up Athletics click here. So far they have raised over $5,000 and the money goes towards training equipment, tournament fees, and creating new teams.

“It’s all about improving the community and giving the kids a chance to do more,” Cropsey added.

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