Piasecki Funeral Home in Kenosha announces new team member

Piasecki Funeral Home, 3720 39th Ave., has announced a new team member, with lifelong Kenosha resident Kayle Wood joining as assistant office manager starting Monday, Oct. 17

“Her compassion and business skills are a good fit for our team,” said Piasecki Funeral Home Partner and Funeral Director Matt Martin.

Wood will be the first voice helping families through their first calls, interfacing with families in various capacities including obituary writing, contacting the military for honors and more.

Piasecki Funeral Home has served the Kenosha community for over 90 years with burial, cremation, preplanning, grief support and a therapy dog ​​in training, and can be reached at 262-658-4101, or at KenoshaFuneralHome.com.

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