Public schools vs voucher schools

Make no mistake, Wisconsin’s GOP goal is to dismantle public education by increasing school choice vouchers. Public education is the bedrock of our democracy and the cornerstone of our communities. In contrast, voucher schools in Kenosha County cater to a very specific part of our community, Christian-based schools. At this time every voucher school in Kenosha County is Christian based.

While proponents of parental choice celebrate this policy, let’s be very clear about who the program really benefits. Voucher schools choose not to accept children with special needs. Participants are expected to follow Christian beliefs.

Why are our public funds going to voucher schools whose teachers are not required to have a degree in education? Typically voucher schools are not licensed by the Wisconsin State Department of Education. Also, there is no State oversight of voucher schools. Taxpayers who oppose funding voucher schools have no say in what is taught in these schools. There are no public school board elections for private schools. In contrast, the community elects school officials and has the right to question their decisions; the school board is accountable to the community.

School vouchers, under the guise of school choice, are the wrong choice for Kenosha County. Support quality public education for all our students. Vote Blue!

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