Scooters are back thanks to yet another City of Milwaukee pilot study

The Milwaukee Common Council today unanimously voted to approve yet another dockless scooter pilot study, meaning motorized scooters are expected back on streets this summer.

The new study – now the third pilot study dedicated to motorized scooters, after similar studies in 2019 and 2021 – will begin no earlier than July 1 this year and end on Dec. 31, 2023, unless the City of Milwaukee establishes a permanent dockless scooter licensing program before then. As a result, scooters are expected to return to Milwaukee streets sometime in August this year.

“Incorporating new technology with multiple modes of transportation adds vitality to Milwaukee, increasing public activity and connecting people to neighborhood businesses,” said Mayor Cavalier Johnson in a release. “This scooter pilot aligns with that vision, and I thank the Common Council for approving this program.”

The previous study found that, according to data from the three scooter operators, 481,706 rides took place during the pilot, with 70 percent of respondents on a public survey believing that scooters should be allowed.

This new study will feature a maximum of three scooter companies and a maximum of 1,800 motorized scooters, more broady dispersed throughout the city as opposed to concentrated downtown. The pilot also requires the scooters to have sidewalk-riding detection technology and a plan to address the issue considering scooters are prohibited from City sidewalks.

As for scooter users, the maximum speed on the scooters will be 15 miles per hour, riding on the sidewalk will still be prohibited as well as parking on the Riverwalk.

For more information on the 2022-23 pilot study, click here.

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