Shoppers frequent Tenuta’s Delicatessen in Kenosha for New Year’s Eve needs

Gearing up for New Year’s Eve, shoppers from far and wide made their way to Tenuta’s Delicatessen and Liquors, 3203 52nd St., Thursday to browse aisles of beverages, platters, pasta and other assorted celebration needs.

Aaron and Rita Lawler, two Kenosha residents, were perusing the deli counter’s various selections that afternoon.

“We’re having an early New Year’s get together with old friends,” Aaron said.

Vicki Funk, a Union Grove resident, was buying beverages to bring to a New Year’s celebration, and was surprised at how few people were in while she was shopping.

“This is the least amount of people I’ve seen here in a long time,” she said. “I was surprised when I pulled in.”

Funk is a holiday regular at Tenuta’s.

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“I come every year to prepare for Christmas Eve,” she said. “I’ve been coming here since I was a kid. I brought my grandpa here to get salami in the past.”

It wasn’t long after Funk left, however, that more customers started to pack into the store.

Out of towners return

Some shoppers came from out-of-town to bring home their fondly-remembered Tenuta’s favorites.

“We came up from Naperville, Ill.,” said John Quigley. “I used to work in Kenosha, so we’re up here grabbing the specialty foods sold here. There’s a lot of food here you can’t get anywhere else.”

Other shoppers were visiting for the first time from other Chicago suburbs as part of a day trip.

“Tenuta’s was first on the list of recommended places to visit,” said Mike, a Glencoe resident.

His wife, Joyce, said they would be more inclined to take back more groceries if they didn’t have a long drive home.

“The pasta looks really good,” she said. “I was eyeing it as we were walking by.”

The duo said they were also exploring the museums downtown and the lakefront during their visit.

Nick Tenuta, manager of Tenuta’s, said the store “gets busier and busier every year.”

“We’ve seen more people come in as the pandemic has hopefully started to slow down,” he said. “Today (Thursday) is busier than normal, but expected.”

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Tenuta said everyone knows it’s a busy time of the year for the store.

“Friday will probably be the busiest day for us,” he said.

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