Teacher shortages face NE Wisconsin school districts

WFRV – Teacher shortages have been impacting school districts across the country, and the same can be said for schools in northeastern Wisconsin.

Luxembourg-Casco Superintendent Jo-Ellen Fairbanks said interest in the education career field is dwindling.

Fairbanks added, “Overtime, more and more responsibilities have been placed upon teachers. It’s not just simply reading and writing anymore, we’re managing a lot more of what’s happening with the total child.”

The most difficult subjects to find teachers for are elective and STEM teachers.

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The Green Bay school district has also been facing problems recruiting teachers. There are more than three dozen job openings across the district. Some of the openings include Spanish teachers and a variety of business, marketing, and family and consumer science teachers.

Human Resources Director of the Green Bay Public School District Mike Friis said, “We’ve been talking to our current employees who maybe interested in becoming a classroom educator and looking at those career pathways internally.”

Both districts are hopeful about finding new teachers for the upcoming school year.

Friis explained, “Once you’re in our system, the career opportunities to spread and grow and have a career trajectory, it’s a great place to work and live.”

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Fairbanks is also feeling confident in her district will be able to fill all necessary positions: “We do have high standards, but our staff and our students are meeting our expectations, and our goal is to be the best school district of Wisconsin, and we’re on our way to do that.”

Luxembourg-Casco’s first day of school is Sept. 1 and Green Bay’s is Sept. 6.

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