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By Anna Maria Hodges

Anna Maria Hodges

To the residents of Milwaukee County: thank you for your trust and for your support in the August 9 Democratic primary. I am beyond honored to have earned your confidence to serve as Milwaukee County’s next Clerk of Circuit Court.

Our victory is not about me: it is about our shared vision for justice. Our community deserves a fair, efficient, and accessible court system. That means a court system where every litigant is treated with dignity, where cases are heard in a timely manner, and where the public can access records and other key information without wading through burdensome red tape. If you ever need to access court services, you deserve the best possible customer service, the most user-friendly technology available to obtain court records, and a guarantee of procedural justice within our court system.

That is the court system I will strive to build as the next Clerk of Circuit Court. My approach will be inclusive, collaborative, and independent at the same time. I will work with every possible partner to provide our community with the highest quality of service. And I will be clear and consistent that the Clerk of Circuit Court’s Office is an independent office that works for the people.

You have my word that from Day One, I will lead to an office that you can trust. The Clerk of Circuit Court is a position that often works “behind the scenes,” but I will not be a politician who hides in an office and only comes out during election season. Just as I have been throughout the campaign, I will be active in our neighborhoods, attending events, supporting good causes, accessible on community talk radio, and available to meet with you and hear your thoughts, ideas, and strategies for making our court system work for the people.

The August 9 primary proved that the people of Milwaukee County are ready for a new vision in the Clerk of Circuit Court’s Office. I am humbled, honored, and so deeply grateful for the trust placed in me to lead this critical office forward.

Thank you. I will not let you down.

Anna Maria Hodges is the Democratic nominee for Milwaukee County Clerk of Circuit Court. She is unopposed in the November 8 general election and is set to take office in January 2023.

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