6 Benefits of taking fish oil especially in fall and winter in Wisconsin

Let’s talk fish oil. Wisconsin winters are tough and let’s face it, they don’t make people want to go outside very often. The colder days, fewer hours of sunshine and the dry air make this season frigid and uncomfortable. You can expect snow during the day, snow at night, and days so cold it’ll take your breath away. Even staying inside comes with three airs because of those wood-burning stoves.

But this season is also filled with fun holidays, time with family and pets, and staying warm and cozy after a day of playing in the snow. Plus, no one wants to get sick because they enjoyed too many sweets. So, what can you do? Staying healthy even when you aren’t as active and can’t get as much sun and you’re enjoying more comfort foods than usual means looking for the right supplements.

Fish oil benefits

Improves dry skin

Winter in Wisconsin brings dry skin with it. The good news is that one of the many great benefits of taking fish oil supplements in the winter is that they help make skin moist, soft, and smooth. Fish oil supplements are extracted from the fat in fish. As your body absorbs these nutrients (the fat and the fatty acids that are naturally contained in the fish), your skin starts to improve.

Some people experience noticeable differences in their skin within just a few weeks of starting these supplements. Since the cold Wisconsin air can take moisture out of your skin, this can help tremendously. Fish oil supplementation can even help with dry hands by nourishing the body from the inside out.

Reduces inflammation

Did you know that inflammation is responsible for many different health issues? While most people think of inflammation in terms of joint pain and headaches, they don’t realize the other ways that inflammation can impact the body. This can be especially true during the fall and cold winter months when people are prone to a variety of infections including colds and flu. Inflammation is an immune response to injury or sickness. However, some people have chronic inflammation due to autoimmune disease or in response to eating certain foods. By reducing inflammation in the body, the immune system is better able to attack real threats and keep you healthier all fall and winter long.

Many people take fish oil supplements as a natural way to lower inflammation and stay healthy throughout the fall, winter, and beyond. Taking the right supplements along with eating healthy foods is always best because it improves the uptake of nutrients in the body naturally.

Boosts hair health

If the cold Wisconsin air can make your skin dry, imagine what happens to your hair. Many people use fish oil supplements as part of their beauty regimen, not just for their overall health. People who do this recognize that fish oil helps to keep their hair healthy and strong. It also reduces breakage and makes the hair look and feel shiny. This is important when people want to look their best. Being indoors means the heat is on and can dry out hair more easily. Using supplements helps keep moisture in.

Adding enough water to your habits can also improve the health of your hair as well. Combine your fish oil supplements with a big glass of water when you take them to help you get enough fluids each day.

Excellent source of vitamin D

Fall and winter mean that more people spend a lot of time indoors and being this far north means that more people don’t get enough sunlight to stimulate the production of vitamin D in the body. Many people add vitamin D supplementation to help improve their overall levels, but other natural sources of vitamin D include fish and fish oil supplements.

Vitamin D is a hormone that is fat-soluble and helps the body with a variety of processes. One of the most important ones that it helps with is the immune system. Having strong immunity makes you more resistant to viral and bacterial infections and can help you fight things off more quickly when you do get sick. It also helps improve your lung function which is especially helpful when respiratory illnesses are going around. There is a reason that most people feel great when they go in the sun, it’s because sunshine naturally helps your body produce vitamin D.

Great for your heart

Heart health is extremely important all year long. Fall and winter are filled with delightful food indulgences that are not known to be heart-healthy, can cause inflammation, and increase the risk of getting sick. While it’s okay to enjoy these things in moderation, for people concerned about their heart health, taking fish oil supplements can help. Fish oil benefits many aspects of heart health. Reducing inflammation is one of the ways that these nutrients can improve heart health.

Other ways that fish oil supplements benefit the heart is by lowering blood pressure, reducing triglycerides, and slowing the production of plaque in the arteries. When all of these are in healthy balance, it puts less pressure on the heart and lowers the overall risk of sudden cardiac arrests and death.

Lowers stress in the body

The body responds to stress in many ways. For some people, fall and winter can be very stressful. Everything from driving to work in the snow to deadlines and impending family gatherings that may or may not be positive can increase stress. Taking a good quality fish oil supplement is one way to lower your body’s response to all these stressful things.

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