Align Clinic Green Bay, WI, States How Children Can Gain from Custom Orthotics

Align Clinic Green Bay, WI is a top-rated orthotics and prosthetics office in Green Bay. In a recent update, the team shared how children can benefit from custom orthotics.

Green Bay, WI – A website post, Align Clinic Green Bay, WI, shared how children can benefit from custom orthotics.

The team pinpointed that custom orthotics are specialized shoe inserts that take the place of the everyday insoles to treat, manage, or prevent a foot problem. They can be made from various materials in various styles to provide the feet with just what they need to function correctly. Whether that’s extra arch support, extra cushioning, more excellent stability, motion control, or all of the above, foot orthotics Green Bay products can help children.

Because orthotics is a conservative treatment option, it can be a precious option for children. Whereas an adult might consider reconstructive surgery an option for certain foot deformities, Align Clinic Green Bay, WI, generally wants to avoid it for kids as much as possible because they are still growing.

Pediatric orthotics can correct some types of deformities before they become permanent. If foot-related problems are not corrected early, they can affect more than just the feet. Leg-length discrepancies, flat feet (or too-high arches), and other issues can create pain and even degenerative problems in the spine, hips, and knees. These issues often severely impact a person’s quality of life, as they interfere with mobility and worsen over time.

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Align Clinic Green Bay, WI, is a professional orthotics and prosthetics facility in Green Bay. The team looks to help people with muscular and skeletal problems function and feel better using their equipment. They are a team with years of experience and make the best patient decisions. They have a wide range of services and can help treat conditions like scoliosis. They are a team that treats both adults and children.

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