ArtStreet expands in new location in Ashwaubenon

ASHWAUBENON, Wis. (WBAY) – After 40 years in downtown Green Bay, ArtStreet is back but in a new location at Ashwaubomay Park in Ashwaubenon. The move means more room for vendors but also some uncertainty.

The event started at 3 o’clock Friday afternoon and already there were people browsing the art and wares in the row of tents with almost 100 vendors. If you enjoy art, this is definitely the place to be this weekend.

ArtStreet has a $3.3 million economic impact locally, and organizers hope that doesn’t change with the new location.

Molly Carey, marketing and events coordinator for Mosaic Arts, who puts on ArtStreet, said, “We have people that come from over 10 different states that travel here, and then not to mention it goes into the thousands with people not just in Wisconsin but around the area and around the United States that know us, know ArtStreet, and specifically come to this event every year.”

Vendors setting up Friday morning took time to survey the layout at the park, wondering what to expect this weekend. They’re optimistic about the turnout and the change of scenery.

“It will probably take a couple years to get up to full speed, but I imagine with careful planning it sounds like they’re going in the right direction with music, and food, the setup and everything. It seems to be well organized,” Susan Rubik from Neenah said.

“Well, we will see how it plays out. I did like downtown — I haven’t done it in a few years — but I like being in the park, too. That’s a nice thing, so we’ll see what happens,” Mitch Simpson from Maribel said.

ArtStreet typically attracts about 40,000 people. While the park at 2881 S. Broadway has more space, parking is limited so organizers set up a shuttle service so people don’t have to walk too far from the vendors.

The decision to move ArtStreet away from downtown Green Bay was made back in March and came as a surprise to city officials.

“I know the community was sad that we left downtown, but it’s more for the artists that we are able to do more for them so we attract more people. So it’s — we can’t tell you, we can’t tell you if it’s going to be a success, if it’s not, because this is our first year here,” Carey said.

There’s no cost to get into ArtStreet. Vendors are open until 7 PM and music continues until 10. The event continues 10 AM to 6 PM Saturday and 10 AM to 5 PM on Sunday.

A longtime summer tradition in downtown Green Bay has found a new home at Ashwaubomay Park

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