Bucks national anthem singer brings good luck charm to Racine Case basketball game

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — The singer who brought the Milwaukee Bucks good luck during the 2021 NBA Finals brought his “singing chops” to a Racine school tonight, with the intention of helping the team win.

Bucks and Packers fans, you might not know his name, but you know his voice.

Ben Tajnai is known as the Bucks’ good luck charm. That’s because when players heard *his* rendition of the national anthem, the Milwaukee team won every game.

“Even when I was with them back in the day when they weren’t quite as good as they are now, the pre-Giannis era, (laughs) they’d still win when I’d sing for some reason. I don ‘t know why,” said Ben Tajnai, national anthem singer.

Tajnai is branching out, with purpose.

Fans in Racine got to hear his rich voice in a rare singing engagement outside professional sports. He took those high notes to the high school level.

“Yea well it’s funny because originally we were trying to like kind of make a surprise, but it’s like none of us could keep a secret (laughs)” said Tajnai.

Tajai wanted to surprise Case High School. Why case? Well, this conference against Oak Creek was a big deal. Many of these Eagles are also Bucks fans. So, they know the superstition about that “national anthem guy.”

“I mean hopefully he can be our good luck charm tonight,” said Josiah McNeal, Case High School varsity basketball player.

#33 on Case is Josiah McNeal. He’s Ben Tajnai’s nephew.

“I love that guy obviously, he’s my uncle so it was a big opportunity for him to be here tonight,” said McNeal.

And Tajnai has another connection to Case — his dad went to school here too.

While he had a good time here and the fans loved him, Tajnai is stepping back into professional sports this weekend. He’ll be singing at the Packers-Lions game this weekend.

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