Buy Madison County launches digital platform

WAMPSVILLE — Those who wonder where the milk they drink every day comes from or where they can get local produce or bread can find it now with the click of a button.

Buy Madison County, in collaboration with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County, have teamed up with C&D Advertising to create a digital platform where Madison County residents can get answers.

The updated Buy Madison County website now includes a landing page where you can find all things Grown Local here in Madison County.

Madison County is a 661 square mile rural community with an identity defined by its beloved agricultural landscape and agrarian history. In this year’s State of the County Address, Chairman John Becker talked about what the future of farming here in America looks like. He discussed how large corporate farms are taking over the food industry, while small farms like ours here in Madison County are not able to benefit from rising prices.

“It is imperative that we as a County help support our farmers,” said Becker. “You are the backbone of our community, and some of you have been in business for decades. I know all too well that the agriculture industry has changed over the years. If our farms do not survive and thrive, what will that mean for the rest of us? That is why Madison County is stepping up to help support our agriculture industries.”

Part of the County’s initiative to step up and support our agriculture partners was to improve upon our current Buy Madison County program. Buy Madison County first launched in 2012, since then it has helped create connections between our local businesses, restaurants, and farms. Now Buy Madison County has created a one stop shop for people within our community and outside our community to learn more about our farms, the products and services they provide and grow, and create a “Buy Madison County” brand.

On the website, www.buymadisoncountyny.com, is a landing page for the agriculture industries within Madison County. There, people can search for farms by product or services. Right now there are 25 farms listed, and many more to follow. Post-pandemic, the world is more than ever reliable on the internet, and many of those in the agriculture business do not have time or the ability to keep up with a website, even a Facebook page.

The Buy Madison County website provides these farms the ability to have a digital presence. Consumers can find out the name of the farm, where they are located, what some of their top products are and where they can purchase those products or say yogurt or butter made from milk from a Madison County dairy.

Officials said Buy Madison County is more than just a website. “It is a brand, a way of life, it is who we are here in Madison County. We want people to know when they buy maple syrup for their pancakes, why not get it from Many Maples in Georgetown, it is delicious what was tapped by Madison County farmers and processed here. Or if you are in the market for some fresh vegetables, check out Hartwood Farm, in Chittenango. It is as simple as looking for the Buy Madison County Grown Local stickers and signs when you are shopping.”

As Madison County builds awareness of this campaign, officials hope to have more and more agriculture producers using the Buy Madison County brand and have a presence on the website, as well as build profiles for all types of businesses from manufacturing, to restaurants, to soap stores.

For more information go to www.buymadisoncountyny.com or call 315-366-2822.

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