Green Bay police describe the biggest issue they face other than accidents during inclement weather

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Wisconsin experienced its first major snowfall of the year yesterday, and when inclement weather hits, drivers need to be aware of more than just road conditions.

Local 5’s Katie Amrhein caught up with officers of the Green Bay Police Department to discuss the issues that local law enforcement faces during less-than-ideal weather.

Along with accidents, officers say that the biggest issue they face when snow starts hitting the ground, is auto thefts.

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Officers say that this is because people tend to leave their cars running to warm them up either before driving or while they stop to go into a gas station or store.

The officer that Local 5’s Katie Amrhein spoke with says that there is a solution, “The best way to do it is to get an auto-starter, so you can just press a button, and warm up your car.”

Stay safe, stay warm, and remember to lock your vehicle this winter.

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