Letter to the editor: Time is always changing

I enjoyed Liz Snyder’s column on changing the clocks. In my lifetime in Kenosha I’ve lived through year around daylight savings time and year around standard time, and I say I’ll take what we have now and change the clocks twice a year.

During World War II I was at Durkee School and remember January days when sunrise was 8:30 when school started. When the war ended, so did “war time” or daylight time, but Illinois still kept it, which meant all of the radio programs were an hour off for us.

Finally, Wisconsin voted for daylight time in 1957 but only through September, which still left October off an hour with Illinois. In 1966, federal law set the time from April through October, but a state could opt out altogether as Hawaii and Arizona did.

Then came February 1974 and another energy crisis. To save early evening electricity, the country went back on daylight time with all of the early morning darkness when school started. Soon spring came and in October we went back to standard time.

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So, that’s it. I’ve lived through all standard time, all daylight time and everything in between. Personally, I like the combination. If you don’t, remember there’s always a time change coming in a few months.

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