Madison City Week Ahead 11/22/21

Short week, but there are 10 more meetings this week.

Monday 22 November 2021

1:00 p.m. Sustainable Madison Committee – Sustainability Plan Update Working Group Virtual

  • Update on chapter progress

4:30 p.m. Virtual Finance Committee

  • Modification of sections 3.32 (7) (c), 3.32 (9) (a), 3.54 (15) (e), 3.32 (7) (f), 3.54 (14) (b) 3., 3.54 (15) ( e), 3.54 (20), 3.32 (7) (d), 3.54 (16) (a) and creation of sections 3.54 (17) (f), 3.32 (17) of the Madison General Ordinances to facilitate meetings and agreements with the City workers’ organizations.
  • Adoption of the Teamsters Union local 695 employment contract
  • Authorizing the execution of a purchase and sale agreement between the City of Madison and the South Central Library System or its agents for the purchase of real estate in Southeast Madison Business Park (AD 16)
  • The City of Madison approves the execution of a purchase and sale agreement between the City of Madison and Amir F. Jafarnejad for the purchase of the property at 833 Hughes Place, Madison City, and to amend the Economic Development Department’s 2021 capital budget by $ 620,000 in support of such purchase , related due diligence and holding costs. (14th AD)
  • SUBSTITUTE SHEET: Approve the adoption of a direct commitment by the US Treasury Department to the City of Madison for an emergency fund for rent of $ 35 million under the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021 (HR 133); Modifying the city’s assumed operating budget in 2021 to reflect $ 10 million of that total, representing new funding previously not offered to and accepted by the city; and authorizing the Mayor and Secretary to sign any amendments to the contract with Benevate Inc, the Community Action Coalition of South Central Wisconsin, and the Tenant Resource Center necessary to use these funds.
  • Approve the allocation of up to $ 2,055,004 to 21 nonprofits to fund the provision of a range of crisis intervention and prevention services starting January 1, 2022 as a result of a competitive bid process conducted by the Community Development Department; and authorizing the mayor and town clerk to make arrangements with these authorities to implement the programs and services foreseen
  • Authorizing Mayor and City Clerk to amend the structural agreement with the Overture Center Foundation, Inc. and an annual performance agreement to operate the Overture Center in 2022 and to provide a grant from the city.
  • Approval of the special fee for urban forestry 2022
  • Modification of the adopted 2021 operating budget by providing a net amount of USD 1,000,000 from the balance of the General Fund to the agencies ‘budgets, transfers between funds and transfers between and within the agencies’ budgets.
  • Negotiation Update – Closed Session

4:30 p.m. Community Development Authority Virtual

4:30 p.m. Sustainable Madison Committee Virtual

5:30 p.m. Virtual planning committee

  • 22 N Second Street; 12. Ald. Dist .: Examination of a demolition permit for the demolition of an office building. AND 22 N Second Street and 1954 E Washington Avenue; 12. Ald. Dist .: Consideration of a conversion of a use-related residential building complex in the district Traditional-Wohn-Urban 1 (TR-U1) for the construction of a three-storey apartment building with 24 units.
  • 1109 Fourier drive; 9. Ald. Dist .: Examination of a conditional use in the Suburban Employment Center (SEC) District for an outdoor area for a restaurant-tavern in a hotel.
  • 222 W Gorham Street; 4. Ald. Dist .: Considering a conditional use in the Downtown Core (DC) District to convert a restaurant-tavern into a restaurant-nightclub.
  • 2106 W Dachsstrasse; 14. Ald. Dist .: Examination of a conditional use in the Commercial Center (CC) District for external storage facilities for the construction of a construction company with external storage facilities.
  • Create Section 28.022-00520, Section 28.022-00521, and 28.022- 00522 of the Madison General Ordinances to change the zoning of properties at 3953-4051 Kipp Street, 16th Aldermanic District, from A (Agricultural), IL (Industrial Limited), and CN (Conservancy) districts to IL (Industrial Limited) and CN (Conservancy) districts. AND approve the tentative and definitive platform for the Replat of Tradesmen Commerce Park on the property at 3953-4051 Kipp Street; 16. Ald. Dist.
  • Creation of Section 28.022-00523 of Madison General Ordinances to complete the zoning of real estate at 216-222 N. Midvale Boulevard, 11th AND 216, and 222 N Midvale Boulevard 11th Ald. Dist .: Examination of a demolition permit for the demolition of two office buildings. AND 216-222 N Midvale Boulevard; 11. Ald. Dist .: Consideration of a conditional use in [proposed] Traditional Residential-Urban 2 (TR-U2) Quarter for an apartment building with more than 60 units for the construction of a five-storey residential building with 72 units. AND approve a certified surveying map of the Flad Development and Investment Corporation property at 216 and 222 N Midvale Boulevard; 11. Ald. Dist.
  • Create Section 28.022-00518 of the Madison General Ordinances to amend a proposed development district on the property at 3402 Monroe Street, 13th Aldermanic District to amend the General Development Plan and create Section 28.022- 00519 to approve a specific implementation plan.
  • SUBSTITUTE – Create section 28.022-00515 of Madison General Ordinances to reallocate land at 341 State Street, 317-321 West Gorham Street and 322 West Johnson Street, 4th Aldermanic District, by UMX (Urban Mixed Use) and DC (Downton Core) Districts to PD (GDP) Planned Development (General Development Plan) and prepare Section 28.022-00516 to approve a specific implementation plan. AND 341 State Street, 315-321 W Gorham Street and 322 W Johnson Street, 4th Ald. Dist .: Examination of a demolition permit for the demolition of four commercial buildings as part of a planned mixed use in the city [proposed] Planned Development District.AND approve a certified surveying map on properties owned by Urban Land Interests, 322 W Johnson Street, LLP, and McCaughey Development Associates, LLP located at 341 State Street, 315, 317 and 321 W Gorham Street and 322 W Johnson Street; 4. Ald. Dist.
  • SUBSTITUTES – Modified Table 28I-1 of Section 28.132 of the Madison General Ordinances to add bike parking spaces allowed in front, side and back yard debris and uncovered decks allowed in allowed reset interventions.
  • SUBSTITUTE – Change to Tables 28C-1, 28D-2 and 28E-2 to change Additional Housing Units (“ADU”) from Conditional Use to Allowed Use in all districts; Table 28 G-1 changed to allow ADUs in the agricultural district; Modification of MGO 28,151 to change required standards for ADUs; Modified MGO 28,131 to change the maximum area per lot and the maximum size of ADUs; Modification of MGO 28.211 to clarify the definition of ADU; Removal of MGO 29.26 (1), which allows connected ADUs to be smaller than 500 square feet.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

12:30 p.m. Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District – Virtual Leadership Council

1:00 p.m. Board of the Consortium for Homeless Services Virtual

  • Written Standards – Medical Exception Language Removal – Torrie Kopp Mueller o Suggestion: Approve the removal of the medical exception language from the written standards.
  • Built for Zero – Update and Next Steps – Torrie Kopp Mueller & Built for Zero Team
  • Members o Proposal: End MOU with Community Solutions for Built for Zero participation.
  • Review and feedback on government questions about HOME Funds – Torrie Kopp Mueller

4:30 p.m. Habitat Stewardship Subcommittee Virtual

4:30 p.m. Virtual water supply office

Wednesday November 24th 2021

8:00 am Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District Virtual Commission

  • Review and approval of renovation projects for sanitary sewer expansion:
    • Kroncke Drive, Lanett Circle, and Tanager Trail Assessment District – 2021, City of Madison
    • Replacement for Truax Lift Station 16, City of Madison 4.
  • Request permission to withdraw the disputed case from the Department of Natural Resources for the UV disinfection season
  • Study Session: Plan to evaluate and improve the district’s service fee methodology
  • Report of the chief engineer and director

5:30 p.m. Alcohol License Review Virtual Committee

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