Madison County Commissioners consider issues in agenda review meeting

JACKSON, Tennessee – Madison County Commissioners meet to discuss the agenda.

Commissioners say it will be an easy agenda on Thursday evening, but some issues include renovations to the old prison that they think could get very expensive.

Also on the agenda are budget changes, particularly a raise for law enforcement and others.

Commissioners say the bonuses will come from federal government funds.
In the midst of the so-called “Great Resignation”, officials want to prevent further staff shortages.

“We have a real problem. It costs about $ 10,000 to train a surrogate. It costs approximately $ 5,000 to train a prison guard. Well, once trained, they are a marketable commodity. They can make more money and you can’t blame them, ”said Arthur Johnson, Madison County commissioner.

This and more will be decided at a meeting next Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. at the West Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center on Airways Boulevard in West Jackson.

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