Madison Kindergarten Academy holds first ever Thanksgiving Parade

Nov. 24—A parade made its way down the hallways of Madison Kindergarten Academy (MKA) on Tuesday afternoon. The floats, pulled by some of the youngest students in Madison County, were surprisingly elaborate.

Some featured festive displays for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Others saw scenes from pop culture. The Death Star blew up a planet on one float, while a group of Disney princesses met for tea on another.

All in all, the first ever MKA’s Thanksgiving was an accurate representation of the holiday tradition it pays tribute to.

“We want to make sure that every type of opportunity that we have to do some things with students that are authentic and have a real world connection, we can do. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, as all of us older adults, we grew up watching that. When we talked about it, none of the kids really knew what we were talking about,” said MKA Principal Monica Stacy.

The students have been learning about Macy’s Parade and Madison Central Marching Band’s performance at the parade several years ago. The students then made their own floats for MKA’s parade at home.

Stacy and others gave a Today Show style commentary for the parade as it went through the halls of the school. Video of it will premier on MKA’s Facebook on Thanksgiving morning.

Stacy said that she hopes that the students and their excitement participating in their parade will start a new tradition for their families.

“We’ve talked about it for the last few days… We have a lot of young adult families and they may not be as familiar with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade either. So we hope that we can help start a new Thanksgiving tradition that the families might be interested in doing also,” Stacy said.

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