Milwaukee Shake Shack shooting, detective saved delivery driver, kids

Milwaukee Shake Shack Shooting, Detective Rescued Delivery Driver, Kids

The food delivery man who was nearly hijacked by car before an off-duty Milwaukee police detective intervened at the Third Ward describes the ordeal that left the MPD detective with multiple gunshot wounds.

The food delivery driver almost committed a carjacking before an off-duty Milwaukee police detective intervened Thursday. Jan 13 in the Third Ward details the ordeal that left the MPD detective with multiple gunshot wounds.

It all started outside of Shake Shack in the Third Ward. The woman says she got out of her car, turned it off and went to the restaurant to pick up a meal order. At that moment, she could see staff members pointing and waving at her.

“Her car pulled up next to mine,” she said. “He jumped out and jumped into mine.”

The Milwaukee woman, who still fears for her safety, asked to remain anonymous. She says everything happened so quickly on Thursday afternoon.

“My daughter said, ‘Who are you?’ to him, and he turned around and said, ‘Whoa’ and jumped out,” she said.

With all three of her daughters still in the car, she watched the man run away. Then she realized he had dropped his cell phone.

“I went and grabbed the phone and then left … told the restaurant to call 911,” she said. “‘Please call her. I have his phone.’”

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Then things took a turn.

“When I was talking and saying I have his phone, he heard me and he turned to me and came rushing towards me, wrapped his arms around me and tried to throw me to the ground to get his phone back.” She said.

The off-duty detective from Milwaukee, who happened to be at the Shake Shack, stepped in.

“They wrestled on the ground and then two gunshots were heard, followed by more gunfire,” she said. “While this was happening, the restaurant staff pulled me to the back and I was trying to get to my kids.”

The woman says she saw the officer bleeding.

“The whole time he was on the ground he was just repeating the license plate and what they were supposed to write down, so he didn’t care about himself at all,” she said.

Finally, the mother of three made it back to her car.

“We’re just trying to overcome the trauma,” she said.

She says she doesn’t feel safe driving groceries and has opened a account to try to keep going.

“Just to try and help me until I find a job and I don’t feel safe in Milwaukee,” she said. “I want to move.”

The woman said she thinks the detective is a hero and that she hopes to meet him one day to thank him for saving her life. She is also grateful to the Shake Shack staff who helped keep her and her children safe.

Statement from Shake Shack

“We are deeply disturbed by the events that took place at the Third Ward Shack on Thursday. We wish the victim of this terrible act a full and speedy recovery. The safety of our team and our guests is our top priority and violence has no place in our cabins. We are working closely with authorities as they investigate this incident.”

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