N95 masks at Milwaukee libraries free of charge

Half a million N95 masks are distributed by the Milwaukee Health Department, and the Milwaukee Public Library locations are a great option if you want to collect some for free.

Fortunately, Yolanda Hilton-Thompson was already on her way to the library on Monday January 10 to pick up some books, but the convenience of being able to replenish her mask supply was also a plus.

“One site I went to was about four blocks long, so I looked online and it said the Milwaukee Public Libraries and I had to go anyway – so I got masks and books.”

You can get a pack of free N95 masks at the North and Southside Health Centers in Milwaukee, but while the health centers can be crowded with vehicles, the libraries are free of traffic jams and open for walking.

“Just walk in and run out,” said Kerri and Claude Massey.

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“It’s perfect because I wanted to go online and order some, and they’re quite expensive and you might not be able to get them right away,” said Hilton-Thompson.

If you are looking for masks and want to get vaccinated or tested, head to the health centers and prepare to wait. However, if all you’re looking for is masks, go to one of the Milwaukee Public Library locations, best bid.

“It’s super easy,” said Katie Serrano, Milwaukee Public Library. “Just come in, get a pack of masks, and protect your family. This is a great opportunity. “

A spokesman noted that a quarter of a million masks were distributed on Monday, January 10. He said, “The demand has been huge,” adding, “We have tried to replenish the libraries but the demand has exceeded the ability to keep up. “

If you can’t find masks at a library location, he said that the Menomonee Valley testing / vaccination site stays open until about 6 p.m. on Monday, and that’s where the best supply of masks is.

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