Peter Weber Called Hannah Brown to Talk About Madison Post-Hookup

At WTF today, Peter Weber ponders, Hannah Brown has just revealed that he called her after their date to talk about … Madison Prewett? To catch up with everyone on the timeline quickly, Peter got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss The Bachelor, split up, and hooked up with Hannah Brown after an engagement party for Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin in February.

“He said, ‘I have so much to tell you,'” wrote Hannah Brown in her book. “The chemistry just wasn’t right. It just sucked. And then I found out that he had another girl [Madison] in his head. It was all so bizarre. “

It turned out that Peter thought so much about Madison that he decided it would be a good idea to call Hannah Brown after the meeting for, IDK, advice?

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“I come home and then he text me and it was so nice to see you buddy, it was so great to catch – something like ‘glad we met’. I thought wait what, and I thought, ‘Why are you so nonchalant?’ “She told The Almost Famous Podcast (check out the clip above, courtesy of the best fan act of all time @ bachelornation.scoop!) ). “Then he likes to call me and wants to talk to me about Madison. Literally, the next day he’s talking about still taking care of Madison and I think … wait I don’t know why I’m in this position, but I don’t like it and … it was just so messy. And then I watch [the show], knowing that all of this happened … and after that I was kind of over it, like after the few texts and things between us, I was very put off. “

Speaking of the show, Peter dated Madison for about five minutes after breaking up with Hannah Ann and hooking up with Hannah Brown, and then ended up in a relationship with former contestant Kelley Flanagan.


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