Rebels take first in district with win over Madison St. Joe – Mississippi’s Best Community Newspaper

NATCHEZ – Much was at stake when the Adams County Christian School hosted Madison St. Joe on Tuesday night. Both teams were unbeaten in the district game and were tied for first place in the district.

After two halves, the Adams County Christian School remained undefeated as the Rebels won 44-39. Tyson Young led the team on 12 points, Tiqi Griffin struggled with a hand and elbow injury but still scored 11 points, and Edarius “Big E” Green scored seven points in victory.

When the flashing lights flickered, Jimmy Allgood called out the rebel line-up. The last name he gave was Green, known as Big E, who got up from the bench and danced before heading out onto the square.

“Tik-Tok inspired the dance. I got it there. Every game, if they call us, I’ll do it, ”said Green. “The dance gave me a lot of energy. The audience reacted well and it helped me to strengthen myself. ”

Green said he wasn’t nervous during the big game. Instead, he was pleased with the opportunity. The game was a big momentum game for the season and could set the tone for the rest of the season. ACCS fought a strong team as tensions were high.

On the track, Green had to play a few key plays deep in color. His teammates give him the confidence to perform well in the color, he said.

AC is preparing for the playoffs by facing tough county tests like St. Joe. The rebels responded well to pressure on the track. Green did especially as he stepped forward to take some important free throws.

“He’s always calm and doesn’t let himself be pressured,” said head coach Matthew Freeman. “It speaks a lot of him going to the free-throw line and scooping two baskets there when we needed them.”

Young’s 12 points helped keep the team offensive. It is the second game in a row that he appeared as a shooter. If he can keep shooting the ball well, that will help the rebels, Freeman said.

If Young shoots the ball well, he pulls the defenders into the perimeter and opens the inside lane for the rebels to attack.

Rebel players celebrated the victory in the locker room with dance and music. It is only the first round of possibly three possible games against the Bruins, said Freeman.

“We have to go back through the borough,” said Freeman. “We may have to play it three times. This win will help us choose, but the district tournament is more important. ”

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