The developers’ eyes burned at the Lakeview Community Center for development on the north side of Racine | Local news

The former Lakeview Community Center, which has remained in this state since a fire on September 11, 2019, is left with scorch marks, blocked doors and boarded up windows that made it unusable.

Fire at the Lakeview Community Center

Firefighters fight a fire in the former Lakeview Community Center on September 11, 2019.

RACINE – The large lot that the partially burned-out Lakeview Community Center is on, next to the Racine Zoo and with great views of Lake Michigan, is such a good place it’s surprising someone didn’t do anything with it.

A developer agrees and wants to spend a year exploring their options.

Milwaukee-based F Street Development Group has entered into a planning option agreement that gives it the exclusive right for 12 months with an option for 18 months to investigate the feasibility of a mixed-use development at the site.

In this case, the mixed-use development could include an apartment building along with public space in the city’s Lakeview Park.

The Council of the City of Racine unanimously approved the agreement on Tuesday.

Community center

The Lakeview Community Center closed in 2004 to Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services programs.

After that, a group called Friends of Seniors organized programs for seniors in the facility.

Belle City beer garden

Racines Mayor Cory Mason speaks at the opening of Belle City Beer Garden in Lakeview Park, 201 Goold St., June 21, 2019.

Christina Lieffring

It had been used for voting; it was rental space for various functions, including a summer beer garden, the Belle City beer garden; and the building was open in summer so that people playing in the park or on the beach could have access to the toilets.

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