5 Best Family Attorneys in Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee’s Best Family Attorneys:

The top rated family lawyers in Milwaukee, WI are:

  • Different family law – is the most trusted family law firm in Milwaukee
  • Nelson, Kruger & Millenbach, LLC – has dealt with family law matters since 1997
  • Karp & Iancu, SC – has been classified as a Tier 1 family law and divorce law firm
  • Ohiku Law Firm – specializes in divorce law, family law and custody law
  • Hansen & Hildebrand SC – provides consulting and neutral mediation services

Different family law

Different family law is the most respected family law firm in Milwaukee. These attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you through the Wisconsin divorce process. They will be your best counsel throughout the process, from filing a petition to hearings involving preliminary orders and settlement agreements. The attorneys know how to handle trial divorces and how to appeal a decision. This Wisconsin divorce law firm has an excellent track record and reputation.

You need the best family law attorneys by your side when dealing with any type of family law matter. These southeastern Wisconsin family attorneys are known and respected by their peers, clients and the Wisconsin court system. They are proud of themselves and the cases and have earned the respect of the legal community.


Divorce, custody, annulment, father’s rights, divorce mediation, division of assets, cohabitation, spousal support, paternity


address: 1661 N Water St STE 405, Milwaukee, WI 53202
phone🙁414) 949-1789
website: www.divergentfamilylaw.com


“I always look forward to Tom’s legal input on all issues related to concealed carry and self-defense. His comments are always in a down-to-earth style and make us lay people feel much better informed about our rights and our responsibilities. Keep up the great work.” —Rick B.

Nelson, Kruger & Millenbach, LLCTop family attorneys in Milwaukee

Nelson, Kruger & Millenbach, LLC is Milwaukee’s premier family law firm. They are a family law firm that has been in business since 1997. Her mission is to provide compassionate, knowledgeable, and thorough representation at all times. These family law attorneys have a lot of expertise and are very good at what they do. This law firm is involved in legal organizations and has a good reputation in the legal world.

Its excellent reputation helps them achieve the best possible results for its clients. Because of their experience and knowledge of family law matters, they are often able to resolve cases, allowing clients to achieve positive outcomes without the stress and expense of lengthy litigation.


Family law, divorce, legal separation, annulment, custody, spousal support, child support, paternity, restraining orders


address: 2675 N Mayfair Rd #610, Milwaukee, WI 53226
phone🙁414) 258-1644
website: www.nkmfamilylaw.com


“Worked with NK&M through a challenging 2020-2021 divorce. They were great from start to finish. The attorney I worked with and her assistant were incredibly responsive and knowledgeable, helping with multiple issues related to my personal situation and going above and beyond. I highly recommend them. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.” – Casey B.

Karp & Iancu, SCFamily Attorneys Milwaukee

Karp & Iancu, SC is a premier family law and divorce law firm in Milwaukee according to US News and World Report. News & World Report is an American news organization that regularly publishes articles in The Shepherd Express, a Milwaukee-based magazine, and voted the firm the 2020 Best Divorce Law Firm with a favorable conclusion, whether you are going through a complicated, high-net worth divorce, at the company involved, or a simple uncontested fixed amount/lump sum divorce.

The use of technology sets them even more apart from other divorce and family law firms in Milwaukee. The state-of-the-art software lowers your costs while increasing overall productivity.


Alimony, custody, child support, family mediation, paternity, restraining orders


address: 933 N Mayfair Rd Suite 300, Milwaukee, WI 53226
phone🙁414) 519-6416
website: www.karplawfirm.com


“Everyone in the office was extremely helpful, polite and professional. Attorney Lindsay White was fantastic, answered my questions promptly and was always available. She showed great empathy and understanding of my situation, which made it easier for me to get through. She is very educated and gave me the best legal advice. I would highly recommend the law firm and in particular attorney Lindsay White.” – Jm S.

Ohiku Law FirmGood family lawyers in Milwaukee

Ohiku Law Firm has experience in family law, divorce mediation and criminal defense. Attorney Ohiku is a trained mediator and arbitrator with the skills, knowledge and approach to help clients protect what matters most to them while minimizing the stress, anxiety and bitterness that sometimes accompanies a involve divorce. Attorney Ohiku’s extensive knowledge of divorce law, family law, child custody and placement, and the criminal justice system has earned him a reputation as one of the most respected attorneys in the region.

He advises high net worth individuals on all aspects of divorce and family law, including mediation and dispute resolution, child custody and placement, child support, spousal support, trusts, estate planning and more.


Family law, divorce mediation and criminal defense


addressess: 1037 West McKinley Avenue Suite 300, Milwaukee, WI 53205
phone🙁414) 287-0088
website: www.ohiku.com


“I can only recommend this law firm. The lawyers really care about your situation and work diligently to complete the mission! In particular, my lawyer Asia took the stress off my shoulders. Fast, friendly, reliable and professional.” – Ashley K

Hansen & Hildebrand SCOne of the best family attorneys in Milwaukee

Hansen & Hildebrand SC offers the highest level of personal support and professional experience in advisory legal advice and neutral mediation. The exclusive focus at Hansen & Hildebrand is on family law. Its attorneys and mediators have extensive experience and knowledge of all aspects of divorce, including complex financial challenges and child custody and housing issues. They will listen to your concerns and work with you to reduce the financial and emotional costs of a breakup and divorce. The experts can help you make the most constructive and cost-effective decisions you can imagine.​

Its attorneys are qualified and adept at various means of resolving family matters, including cooperative practice and mediation, as well as constructive discussion and litigation when necessary. They work with a team of multidisciplinary professionals to provide clients and their families with the most efficient process and successful outcomes, and they have trained attorneys and other professionals locally and internationally. They also work with highly trained and experienced office staff to ensure clients receive efficient, responsive and effective service.

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