7 stories you may have missed, upcoming events and more

A lot is happening in Racine County. Events, festivals, and celebrations are in full swing. If you haven’t had the chance to catch up on what’s happening locally, check out these stories that you may have missed.

Stay informed and plan your summer around what’s happening in Racine County.

1. Racine Harbor Market

The Racine Harbor Market kicked off its first event of the season. A bountiful amount of food, vendors, and locals strolled the streets of Downtown Racine to participate in the first market. Read about the festivities and when you can comeback for another day at the market.

Inaugural Racine Harbor Market a foodie paradise and more

2. Chicken Grease at Music on the Monument

Music on the Monument is back for its 20th year in Downtown Racine. Catch a show by the one and only, Chicken Grease. Chicken Grease is playing a soul/funk show at Downtown Racine’s Monument Square on July 8. Read more on Racine County Eye’s event page.

3. St Lucy’s Festival

The St. Lucy’s festival is back on for another year. Unlike the most recent years when the festival was adapting to meet COVID-19 precautions, this year’s festival is back to how it once was. Enjoy time with family and friends at this year’s weekend-long event. Read details about the event on our event’s page.

4. Into the Woods

Support local theater and performers by purchasing tickets to Journey “Into The Woods” at the Racine Theater Guild. Journey ‘Into the Woods’ at the Racine Theater Guild will be showing from July 15 through 31. Learn more online.

5. Casting call

Want to get your own feet on stage? There is a casting call for “The Glorious World of Crowns, Kinks and Curls” by Keli Goff Black Arts Council Of Racine production Director: Olivia Turquoise Performance. The dates for this casting call are September 10 and 11. Find more details on our website.

6. The Jimmy Lerose Band at Music on the Monument

Get ready to rock! The Jimmy Lerosee Band will be performing at Music on the Monument on July 15. Learn more on Racine County Eye’s event page.

7. 125th Anniversary at the Racine Public Library

Toss those books to the side for a 1-day celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Racine Public Library. Check out and celebrate this milestone by attending their block party. Find all the details online.

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