Brett Favre owes nearly $ 1 million in Mississippi welfare lawsuit

Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre owes the state of Mississippi $ 828,000 Missed funds from the Government’s Temporary Assistance Program for Families in Need (TANF), according to Mississippi Today’s Anna Wolfe. The Mississippi accounting firm is demanding repayment from Favre, who received a letter threatening civil lawsuit if payments are not repaid, in addition to sizeable interest margins.

According to the report, Favre received $ 1.1 million for performances he had never done and later returned $ 500,000 of the money before agreeing to repay the rest in installments. Favre said he did the gigs but didn’t know where the money was coming from and said he would give it back. The last payments were reportedly made in 2017 and 2018, so the money owed thereafter was subject to interest penalties.

Favre wrote on Twitter in May 2020 that he had never accepted any money for performances that he did not get through federally funded Families First for Mississippi program, a “family stabilization” initiative led by former Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant.

“My agent is often approached by different products and brands to make me appear one way or another,” Favre wrote in a four-part tweet. “That request was no different and I ran a lot of ads for Families First. I have never received any funds for commitments that I did not meet. To reiterate Auditor White’s statement, I was unaware that the money that was distributed was not paid for out of funds intended for that purpose, and for this reason I am refunding the full amount to Mississippi. I have spent my entire career helping children through Favre 4 Hope, donating nearly $ 10 million to underserved and disadvantaged children in Mississippi and Wisconsin. It has brought a lot of joy to my life and I would certainly never do anything to help the children I fought for! I love Mississippi, and I would never knowingly do anything to take away from those who need it most. “

Favre is one of several celebrities or former athletes currently embroiled in the “family first” situation.

According to Mississippi today, John Davis, former director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, owes $ 96.3 million in abused TANF spending.

Favre has been out of the spotlight since retiring, only popping up with Packers-centric comments every now and then. After Green Bay’s opening season loss to New Orleans last month, Favre said there was no point in hitting the panic button with Aaron Rodgers and the offensive.

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The Packers have won four times in a row since then.

“There are now 17 (regular season games) versus 16 so yeah, you can write this off as a preseason game,” Favre said on SiriusXM Blitz with Brett Favre and Bruce Murray. “For example, it was the first time Aaron Rodgers stepped on the field. It was obviously rusty. They weren’t themselves. So call it tune-up, if you will. Is there cause for panic and concern? Panic would i say? Do not worry? Yes sir. But here, too, it’s an additional game in the regular season. “

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