Green Bay School District approves the 2021-22 budget of $ 292.9 million

GREEN BAY – Green Bay School District has approved a budget of nearly $ 292.9 million for 2022 that includes more federal and state aid for pandemic relief.

The Education Committee approved the budget on Monday evening. The budget includes $ 12.5 million from federal and state funds. Districts across the country received three rounds of stimulus funds under the federal emergency fund for elementary and secondary schools and the state’s emergency governor fund to aid students in the pandemic.

Approximately $ 12.5 million of that state and federal funding was included in the district’s proposed budget for 2021-22, an increase of $ 9 million from this year’s funding.

The money will be used for pandemic-related expenses, including supporting technology, cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment and paying staff salaries.

The district also increased funding for staff salaries and benefits by $ 18.2 million and devoted some of the aid to the district’s new online school.

The tax required to support the household for the next year is $ 96 million, and the property tax rate is $ 9.03 per $ 1,000 property value. That means that for a $ 150,000 home, the school’s portion of your tax bill would be about $ 1,350. A property worth $ 200,000 would cost about $ 1,800 in school taxes.

A copy of the approved budget can be found on the district website.

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