Criminal charges: 4.-8. October | Crime and Courts

Andrés Garcia, Block 200 of Frank Avenue, Racine, Battery of Misdemeanors (Domestic Abuse Assessments), Disorderly Behavior (Domestic Abuse Assessments, Use of a Dangerous Weapon).

Sabino A Garcia, 1900 Block Mead Street, Racine, Disorderly Behavior.

Arturo Gomez Jr., San Ysidro, California, violated a court order (harassment).

jasmine J Gonzales, 1600 Block Howe Street, Racine, possession of cocaine, bail jumping, officer interfering.

Howard J green Jr., 1600 block on 13th Street, Racine, misdemeanor theft, bail jumping, narcotics possession, hidden weapon carrying, drug paraphernalia possession.

Antonio L. Harris, Hagerer Straße 1200, Racine, stalking (household reports), misdemeanor behavior (household reports, repeat offenders in the case of domestic violence), property damage (household reports, housekeeping offenses), administrative offenses (household reports), repeat offenders in the case of domestic violence).

Kristopher (also known) Kris Cowboy) D. Haynes, Bellefontaine, Ohio, Substantial Battery, Throwing or Draining Body Fluids at Public Safety Personnel, Criminal Damage to Property, Resisting an Official, Disorderly Behavior.

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