Green Bay Rep. David Steffen Promotes Packer Tax Refund | Wisconsin

(The Center Square) – Rep. David Steffen, R-Green Bay, said many people in Brown County love the idea of ​​a Lambeau Field tax break. But as Packer fans, Steffen says that the same people are a bit suspicious of his plan for the stadium tax.

Steffen, who not only represents Green Bay but also previously worked for the Packers, wants to get rid of the Green Bay / Brown County Professional Football Stadium District and essentially enable the City of Green Bay to take over its functions.

“We have developed [The Stadium District] to get through the process of the $ 300 million redevelopment project, but we really didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about the end of that process, ”Steffen told The Center Square.

Wisconsin legislature approved the stadium district, a 0.5% sales tax at Lambeau Field, and a ticket tax in 1999 to pay for these renovations. Sales tax ended in 2015, but the district and ticket tax remain in place.

Steffen wants to transfer both to the City of Green Bay.

“At the end of 2015, the stadium district no longer had a statutory mandate. However, it still exists and still has a huge $ 81 million surplus in revenue that it can use for operating and maintenance costs related to Lambeau Field, ”explained Steffen. “[The District], as part of its mission creep, has begun expanding its approach, mission, and use of dollars in recent years. And although I believe that using this money is worthwhile, it is different and beyond the legislative and legal authority that has been bestowed upon it. “

Steffen’s plan would not only shift the responsibilities of the stadium district, but would give most of the excess money back to taxpayers.

“Since the taxpayers financed it, I want them to get the biggest bite of the apple,” said Steffen. “My rough draft is $ 45 million of that $ 81 million returned to taxpayers through a homeowner tax credit audit.”

Steffen is clear, his plan is a rough draft. Not only does he circle his proposal among Madison lawmakers, he also lets Brown County’s taxpayers with him. Steffen has a short survey on its legislative website asking fans for their thoughts.

“People want to understand,” said Steffen. “What is happening to my team? What does this mean for the city of Green Bay? These are natural questions, and they go back to the reason I wanted to ask, ‘Okay public, here is my rough draft. Please tell me what you think ‘. “

Steffen said taxpayers would get some of their money back, and Packer fans shouldn’t worry about the team losing money.

“The Packers are now among the top five NFL organizations in the country,” said Steffen. “Your unencumbered cash reserves are now over half a billion dollars. They made a net profit of $ 1.1 million per week in a pandemic year without a single paid attendee. “

The Packers recently expanded these financial stocks. The team is right in the thick of it $ 90 million share sale. This money is also earmarked for stadium upgrades.

Steffen plans to collect feedback on his proposal and assess his support in the Capitol before calling for a vote on the idea.

The Mayor of Green Bay has agreed to look into the proposal. Executives in Ashwaubenon, where Lambeau Field is technically located, consider it premature to discuss the stadium district termination and local tax situation.

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