‘I’m Funny’: RUSD educator publishes children’s book inspired by her daughter

Racine Unified School District’s Education Assistant, Amber Nurmi, has written a one-of-a-kind children’s book. “I’m Funny” is a paperback book that charms readers through a story of imagination and creativity.

The short story was inspired by her 3-year-old daughter, Delilah, who is funny in her own way.

3-year-old Delilah is the inspiration behind “I’m Funny.” – Credit: Amber Nurmi

“I wrote this when she was two,” said Nurmi. “She would always do something, and then say, ‘I’m funny.'”

Therefore, the book she wrote displays a child, inspired by her daughter, doing an act and then noting how she is funny. Her book is available on Amazon, where she self-published the story.

Multiple roles, one objective

Being an author is not the only connection that Nurmi has to reading and writing. Her full-time day job provides literacy and reading support to students at Jefferson Lighthouse Elementary School in Racine.

“I’m Funny” is available to students at her school. Directing Principal Jeremy Benishek currently has two copies in his office. The school is also working to get a copy of the educator’s book in the school library.

The book is geared toward elementary students.

“It’s nice, short, quick, and simple, but I’m very, very proud of it,” said Nurmi.

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In her roles as both educator and author, Nurmi wants to help children.

Benefits of the book

“This is something that I really dreamed of,” said Nurmi.

Dreams came true for this educator, mother and veteran when the story hit the shelves.

The book is geared toward elementary students and is not just a story that benefits those who read it. Nurmi served in the US Military, in the Army, for eight years. Writing is a form of expression and therapy for her.

Credit: Amber Nurmi

Another benefit the book has brought includes how it’s impacted her relationship with her daughter.

“Reading and reflecting on the story is the way my daughter and I bond,” said Nurmi.

Nurmi noted that her daughter “has a fantastic imagination and I feel that’s coming from this. Her developmental skills are outstanding. Just from us reading, she’s seeing words and letters constantly, and able to identify stuff.”

Credit: Amber Nurmi

In the back of the book, there are activities for children to complete. These activities help expand a child’s imagination and strengthen their knowledge. Additionally, she is hoping to help promote family bonding through her book to mimic what she has with her daughter.

The educator hopes through her book that everyone can discover how they are funny in their own way.

Nurmi is currently working on two additional stories and hopes to achieve a connection with children through those stories as well.

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