Milwaukee Brewers will start Eric Lauer in NLDS Game 4

The Milwaukee Brewers have chosen to start Eric Lauer in Game 4 of the NLDS, an elimination game for the crew.

The pick has drawn the ire of fans who believe the elimination game should start to ace and Cy Young contestant Corbin Burnes who more than deserved Game 1’s NLDS launch. Burnes would take a short break in a highly stressed situation after his outstanding start in Game 1. Atlanta, on the other hand, which is seeing a much bigger drop in the fourth rotation slot in their series, picked their game 1 starter Charlie Morton for tonight’s game.

Lauer has made a start in Game 4 in many ways and has every chance to face Atlanta’s lineup and lead the Brewers in Game 5, where Burnes would be ready for a rested start. Since the All-Star hiatus, Lauer has had a 2.60 ERA with opponents beating .193 / .255 / .314 against him. The Brewers picked from two excellent starters and chose to line up in the most favorable spot for a game 5, which is also a must-have, you have to win.

If the rest of the series was a sign of the crew being banned from postseason competition today, it has more to do with a break in on the offensive than a pitching decision. Despite many opportunities in the series, Milwaukee has only scored one 2-run rowdy Tellez homer and they are 0-16 with runners in goal position.

Statistics courtesy of FanGraphs.

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