Milwaukee families express what they are thankful for

MILWAUKEE – Families in Milwaukee went out after their Thanksgiving meals to enjoy the Christmas lights in various downtown parks.

Cousins ​​Justice and Sabrina Hamilton showed their favorite exhibitions in Ziedler Union Square.

Yazmin Pacheco said it was good to spend time with her grandmother. They were in the park taking photos.

“With Covid it was very difficult to bring us back to our current state,” said Pacheco.

“I am grateful to my family,” said Amarianna Lebron, who is visiting her grandparents Lori and Reid.

“With everything that has happened to the pandemic and Waukesha now, we’re just glad we have what we have,” Reid said.

Lori said she was in the South Milwaukee Parade with her young grandchildren the day before Waukesha’s parade.

“When I heard that the 8-year-old had died, it just broke my heart,” said Lori. “So every day, every day you just bless.”

In Cathedral Square Park, it is a tradition for Darryll Turner’s family to watch the light shows.

“That’s what people need, to have fun, to bring their families, to enjoy the Christmas spirit,” said Turner. “It’s the Christmas spirit, I love that.”

Turner said he’s been taking his 17-year-old son Daquan to see the lights since he was three. Daquan also brought some of his closest friends with him on Thursday.

“Thankful to be alive here, thanking God for another day,” Daquan said.

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